How do you make web products accessible? | BS 8878 for digital inclusion

イギリスの標準化団体であるBSIのニュースレターで知ったのだが、Webアクセシビリティに関しての標準が決まったようである。イギリスは障害者差別禁止法(DDI)によって、以前からWebアクセシビリティの法的な基準があったのだが、今回はCode of practiceが出たようだ。

BS8878の表紙BS 8878:2010
Web accessibility. Code of practice





 BSストアで100ユーロで購入できます。Webで公開されているものがないか、探したところドラフト版(2009)が出ているので、そちらでだいたいの内容を確認する事ができます。どうやらこの文書はPAS 78:2006を全面的に改定したものらしい。

Draft BS 8878:2009 Web accessibility. Building accessible experiences for disabled people. Code of practice


Accessibility – BSI has a website that covers all aspects of standards and guidance for accessibility for disabled people


  1. Great to see interest in BS 8878 from Japan.
    The final version of the BS 8878 standard is much advanced from the draft linked to in this blog, and harmonises web accessibility with the sorts of inclusive design processes that have been used in architecture and non-digital product design for years.
    Anyone interested in it can find the official slides on BS 8878 from its launch, together with other free information including case studies of large organisations implementing BS 8878, detailed blogs on its use by small and medium size enterprises, tools and training, and news on its progress towards becoming an International Standard at
    BS 8878 web accessibility and inclusive design standard ? introduction and news

    I’d be happy to answer any questions on BS 8878 that people in Japan may have.
    Jonathan Hassell
    Lead-author of BS 8878